Basement Bedroom Ideas 2018


Perhaps one of the most practical uses of a finished basement is as an extra bedroom. Say your cousins are coming in from out of town and you have already offered to be their host, but you completely forgot that your house does not have enough bedding space to accommodate them during their stay. Well, this is where Harmony Basements comes into play. We are specialized in turning basements into luxury bedrooms with the help of our highly-skilled team of professionals. Continue reading

Man Cave Basement Ideas 2018

You have recently made the greatest investment of your life and purchased the house of your dreams. While every room in the house should serve a clear purpose, there is nothing more disappointing than realizing you have a room in your house that is not being used to its full potential. Continue reading

How Much Value Does a Finished Basement Add?

Renovating a basement is a great way to improve your living space. The value of a finished basement is not just restricted to the comfort and satisfaction of you and your family, it also adds to the value of your property overall. Continue reading

How Much Does It Cost to Finish a Basement?

At Harmony Basements, we offer excellent basement renovation services at competitive prices. Basement finishing costs vary from one job to another due to a number of factors, yet with our special financing offers, there is no reason to worry. Continue reading