Tips to Build the Best Basement Theatre Room

You always hear about the benefits of a finished basement but what about a theatre room in your basement? More and more homeowners are choosing to dedicate part of their finished basement to this fun and functional addition that can provide hours of endless entertainment for your family and friends.

Why go to the movie theatre when you have a very comfortable theatre in your home? In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of a basement home theatre and everything you need to consider when you’re designing the ultimate space. 

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Why Build a Basement Home Theatre?

Fifty years ago, the basement was simply for storage, but nowadays homeowners are waking up to the fact that the basement can be utilized to add more livable space and increase the value of your home. You’re likely to recoup most if not all of the money you put into these types of renovations for a theatre room. Building a basement theatre saves you money on monthly entertainment costs because instead of going to the theatre, you’re staying and kicking back with your family in a more comfortable and affordable setting.

It also gives you a space to host your family and friends for all kinds of events including sports, weekly screenings of your favourite TV shows and so much more! Finally, a home movie theater in your basement gives you the option of soundproofing everything so you can enjoy your favourite media on maximum volume without disturbing other members of the household or even your neighbours.

Designate a Space for your Basement Theatre

If you want the ultimate home theatre room, you’ll designate a specific area for your home theatre. It won’t double as a craft room, workshop, or rec room for all of the kid’s toys. Adding other elements to a theatre space takes away from the magic of the room and the ability to watch a movie or TV show and escape from reality.

The home theatre space should be about the technology used to watch movies and the seating used to make you and your guests comfortable and immersed in the media.

Control Ambient Light and Sound

This part is a bit tricky. With typical home renovations, you’re inclined to add as much natural light as possible but when it comes to a home theatre you want to eliminate all of the possible distractions. Any natural light will lower the quality of your projector’s image taking away from the media viewing experience. For your home theatre space, try to choose a spot in your home with limited natural light such as a basement.

If that’s not possible, do your best with blackout curtains. Another light source to consider is all the LEDs on your media-streaming devices or PC. Consider adding a well-ventilated, customized cabinet to house all of these gadgets so they won’t distract from your entertainment. 

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Besides ambient light, ambient sound is another issue to consider. Being able to hear other people in the home or your neighbour mowing the lawn outside are just a few things that can take away from your home theatre experience. But there are several steps you can take to reduce the ambient noise heard in your home theatre.

That includes installing an additional layer of drywall, adding special soundproof materials or insulation, and making sure you install solid-core doors at any entrances or exits.

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Consider the Size of Basement

When you’re planning the design of your home theatre, it’s important to consider how much space you have to build it in. This will determine what size of television or projector screen you can install. And even if you can technically fit an 80” screen in your desired space for the home theatre, that doesn’t mean it’s going to provide an optimal viewing experience for you and your family or guests.

A good rule to remember is that the bigger your screen is, the further away you’ll need to place your seats from it so people aren’t getting neck pains!

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Install Proper Lighting

For the best home theatre experience, you’ll want to install a customized lighting system. That means the ability to easily operate your lights and dim them to desired levels.

Aesthetically, some popular looks include soffits with rope lights as well as recessed lights to get that classic movie-going experience and feel. Try to keep the majority of lights to the rear of the viewers so you don’t take away from the overall home theatre experience.

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Add a Separate Electrical Circuit

All the extra lighting and gadgets that come with a home theatre system usually demand a lot of power from your home’s energy supply. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an electrician make a dedicated electrical circuit for your home theatre.

This will ensure that you don’t trip other breakers, disrupt family in other rooms of the home or interrupt your media-watching experience.

Use High-Quality Sound Supplies

If you’re going all out for a home theatre, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality sound system.

This is something you will pick out and install during the construction phase so you can properly set up your sound equipment including speaker wires and surround sound elements such as powerful speakers and subwoofers for optimal bass and a subversive theatre experience.

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Consider Flooring Options

And don’t underestimate the importance of flooring in your home theatre design. The kind of floor you choose whether that be hardwood, laminate, or carpet will determine comfort levels as well as the acoustics of the room. Consult your contractor for the best advice.

If you’d like to stick hardwood or laminate for your flooring, you can improve the acoustics of the room by adding an area rug or multiple rugs to cut down on echoes and improve the overall soundproofing of the space.

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