What is a Basement Suite?

A basement suite is a typical name for an apartment located in the basement of a house, an extra loft, or another type of secondary private unit in a house which has no more than one other unit.

A classic basement suite includes:

  • An independent set of rooms that can be utilized as a unit separate from the main unit
  • Bathroom and kitchen facilities for the use of the unit
  • Access that can be either shared or separate from the other unit
Custom kitchen with bar chairs in basement
Basement Kitchen and living room.

Valuable Benefits of Basement Suite

The latest real estate market trends show that more and more homeowners are deciding to finish or renovate their basements and build a basement suite, and it’s easy to see why. Having a basement apartment adds a private rental space to your household that will greatly benefit you in the long term: it gives low and medium income families, young adults and seniors an opportunity to rent from you. This earns additional income for your family which can be used for anything you want, including mortgage payments, vacations and school/college fees for your kids.

Largest Selection of Basement Suite Finishes

Choosing materials for your basement apartment is a vital first step, and our professional advice services will help you avoid common pitfalls to ensure that your loved ones or new tenants are going to be happy and fully enjoy their new unit. Our friendly team has a huge selection of finishes and materials for your new basement, everything from custom bars to stunning fireplaces and wall-coverings. We use globally top of the line, mould-free, energy-efficient, fire- and water-resistant building materials to ensure your safety and satisfaction with your basement suite.

Custom fire place in basement
Calculator and a financing options

Flexible Basement Renovation Financing Programs

We understand that big renovation projects can be expensive for both families and investors. At Harmony Basements our goal is to make sure that everybody can afford to finish their basement with our financing option, no matter what their financial situation is. Your household is one of your most important life investments; you should be able to make the right decisions for it, and finishing your basement is a smart, cost-effective way to boost its value. Build your dream basement for just under $150 per month, including no interest payment for 3, 6, and 12 months OAC. You can also choose a special payment plan so that you can pay according to your own schedule without any penalties.

Why Should You Trust Us With Your Basement Suite?

  • Flawless Top of The Line Products
  • Dedicated Design & Management Team For Each Project
  • Fully Integrated Multi-Trade Contract Work
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty Basements

Harmony Basements is the fastest growing basement renovation firm in Canada. We are currently finishing/remodelling 20-30 basement projects every 5-6 weeks, including basements for personal and rental purposes (like basement suites). At Harmony Basements, we have a very creative and professional team who works daily with our clients, satisfying all of their basement needs and wants. Our company culture is based on building strong relationships, bringing great passion to all that we do, and following market trends to keep our building technologies on the cutting edge. Contact us today for your legal basement suite!

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What Is Required For A Legal Basement Suite In Ontario?

To create a legal basement suite in Ontario, it’s essential to meet specific building codes, adhere to zoning bylaws, and ensure safety standards. This includes proper egress, fire safety measures, and adequate living facilities.

Does Adding A Basement Suite Increase The Value Of A Home?

Absolutely, adding a basement suite typically increases a home’s value. It creates additional living space, which can be used for rental income or personal use, enhancing the property’s appeal and functionality.

What Is The Difference Between A Basement And Basement Suites?

A basement is a general space under the house, often used for storage or as a living area. A basement suite, however, is a self-contained living unit within the basement, complete with amenities like a kitchen and bathroom.

How Much Does It Cost To Legalize A Basement In Toronto?

The cost to legalize a basement in Toronto varies based on the scope of work required to meet legal standards. This can include renovations for safety, functionality, and compliance with building codes.

Do You Also Do Waterproofing In The Basement Suite?

Yes, waterproofing is an integral part of constructing a basement suite to ensure it remains dry, safe, and comfortable.

How Can I Make Sure You Build My Basement Legally?

We ensure legal compliance by adhering to all local building codes and obtaining necessary permits. Our commitment is to provide a safe, compliant, and high-quality basement suite.

How Does The Payment Process Work With Harmony Basements?

Our payment process is designed to be transparent and client-friendly. We offer various payment options and provide clear breakdowns of costs and timelines.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

Besides basement suites, we offer a wide range of services including basement finishing, waterproofing, design services, and construction of laneway and garden suites.