What Can We Do With Your Finished Basement?

People find so many creative ways to use their basement spaces nowadays; the sky is the limit. Some families like to keep it simple and use it for storage purpose, while others use it as a cozy apartment for the new couple once their child gets married. Still, others want to build an eco-friendly playroom or play area for their kids. Our team of professionals can definitely help you to make all of your basement dreams a reality and transform your space into something that is perfect for you: you just need to tell us what you need.

Children game room
custom gym in the basement

Basement Gym

You want to keep yourself healthy and fit without going through the hassle and mess of a public gym. We can assist you in achieving your New Years resolution workout goals by creating a specialized gym area in your very own basement. With your own personal basement gym, you can decide what equipment you want to have, how you want to position it, and what time of day or night you want to use it, uninterrupted. Basements with proper ceiling clearance and good ventilation systems are ideal to ensure that you have enough space and that you can circulate fresh air during your workout sessions.

Basement Bars & Wine Cellars

You want a basement that is classy, useful and beautiful, and there are few projects that tap all the right spots besides your own basement bar or a wine cellar. Even if you do not want to have a full bar, you have the option to build a horizontal line of cabinets that can serve any purpose you want: refrigeration, buffet table. Installing a bar in your basement is similar to installing a new kitchen in terms of expense and project difficulty. Alternatively, if you are looking to add a classic wine cellar, try figuring out your maximum budget first and our team will assist you in choosing the features that you really want to include. Stay classy.

wine cellar with custom wooden cabinets
Custom Closet, basement ideas

Basement Studio

You have always wanted to let your creative side run wild but you have never had the right space to do it: you need a studio for your art or music. Bring your band together and start jamming in your own home without disturbing your family members. Alternatively, you want to be an art teacher, and with your new studio, you can easily organize a small neighbourhood art class in your basement, bringing joy to yourself and others. The possibilities are endless, but you need a specialized space to make it work properly, and we can help you tap your unlimited potential.

Basement Theatre

Basement movie theatres are extremely popular nowadays. They are not only comfortable spaces to watch movies with your family in a cozy atmosphere, but personal movie theatres can even increase the value of your house. You can choose a style that your loved ones are going to adore, taking into account lighting and sound that will complement your unique basement layout. So grab the popcorn and settle in, because movies are always better when you can watch them in your pyjamas.

Luxury living room in basement with fire place

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Harmony Basements is the fastest growing basement renovation firm in Canada. We are currently finishing/remodelling 20-30 basement projects every 5-6 weeks, including basements for rental and personal use (like art studios). At Harmony Basements, we have an exceptionally creative and professional team who works daily with our clients, satisfying all of their basement needs and wants. Our company culture is based on building strong relationships, bringing great passion to all that we do, and following market trends to keep our building technologies on the cutting edge.