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Cutting-Edge Software

Planning intensive construction and basement renovation projects requires measurements and calculations to be as accurate as possible. Wasted supplies, wasted time, and faulty basement planning can all be avoided with top-of-the-line software and equipment, and that is why our team are experts with AutoCAD. Used by companies in renovation, construction, engineering, and architecture, AutoCAD represents the most cutting-edge technology in 2D and 3D planning on the market, and we would use nothing less to plan and perform renovations for our clients. From initial designs to the final plan, the most advanced planning software on the market will serve as a support for the brilliant minds of the team that you are trusting with your project.

Our Experts At Your Service

Our team of passionate experts consistently outdoes themselves at the planning table. They know AutoCAD like the backs of their hands, ensuring that you will get the most accurate rendition of your design that can be created with commercial software. Not only will your project go smoothly from day one, but this also means that your Virtual Reality basement tour will be accurate, allowing you to make proper judgments in your project specifications; if there are changes that you want to be made, you can be sure that our team will understand exactly what you mean, and you can see that fact for yourself with the VR headset on. You can rest assured knowing that you have seen the final product yourself and that the basement of your dreams will very soon be the basement of your home.

Tiny home model, basement ideas
3D augmented reality

How We Change the Basement Game

Working with our 3D artist is useful and cost-effective, and your project will benefit immensely from it. With our 3D virtual tour experience, you will not only be able to select colours and fabrics, but you will be able to confirm for yourself that the final project outcome will be exactly what you want it to be. Our Harmony team will incorporate building codes, health & safety practices, and psychology behind the project to a 3D virtual tour. We will even be able to work with very small detail specifications such as light switch placement and door handles, working in tandem with you on the design until you are 100% satisfied.

What Are Basement Virtual Reality Tours?

During the initial planning phases of the project, it is very hard to visualize the end result based just on drawings and blueprints. The best way to ensure that your vision lines up with the work that your contractor is planning to do is to see it with your own eyes, and you can do that with a Virtual Reality Tour. View your renovated basement in a 3D tour and personally see all of the rooms as you walk through them yourself. Our Harmony team will build a unique 3D trip for you showing the work that we are going to perform, bringing all of your ideas to life before we even start renovating. Virtual Reality allows you to better express and share your ideas and plans at all stages of the construction process by giving us feedback on what you like, and what you don’t like.

3D Virtual Tour Basements

Bring Your Basement to Life

It can be really difficult for clients to see drawings and written plans in three dimensions, and that can take some of the magic and excitement away. We bring collaboration with you to the next level. View your new basement in a 3D tour and see all of the rooms as if you were actually walking around in them. Our Harmony team will create a unique 3D excursion for you, literally showing you the end result of the work that we are going to perform. Virtual reality also allows you to better express and share your ideas with us in the planning stages of the construction process. Equipped with a VR headset you will be able to see, with your own eyes, your vision brought to life by our designers’ work. We can easily make any changes to ensure that we will get your design perfect, together.

Great Savings On Future Basement

Mistakes and miscommunication in construction projects can be very costly, involving not just the cost of wasted materials, but the cost to undo the error and to redo that part of the project. We want your project to stay on budget, without the cost of wasted lumber, studs, drywall, and steel. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that our designs reflect your visions perfectly. By building a 3D model for you and receiving your immediate feedback, we will be able to match all of your needs and wants on your project in a way that a drawing on a page cannot quite achieve. We are not here to only help to build the basement of your dreams, but to also save you money and make sure that you are happy in the long-term.

Our planing and renovation process

Redesigning your basement is a wise choice to increase the value of your home and maximize the space. Designing a basement that suits you and suits the needs of your family provides a room for family bonding time. The number of basement renovation ideas is endless. Harmony Basements will assist you in ideas for what you can convert your basement too.

Physically Fit and Mentally Healthy in The Comfort of Your Home

basement renovation & gym image

The basic small basement design layout with a private gym and luxury living room is what all magazines are writing about. Currently, this customized option is a popular basement design that many decide to choose. The basement is a great space to input a gym along with the open concept living room. It is possible to set up a home gym and spa in a basement of any capacity. You have the ability to put in multiple exercise machines, install a sauna, a shower room and so on if you have a big basement along with the living room space. This multi-functional space is great for all members of the family to use.

Modern and Elegant Ideas 

Harmony Basements understand the luxury and elegance that customers strive for. Introducing an extension of the living room upstairs into your basement elongates the home space, helping it appear larger. This modern family room idea is aesthetically pleasing and useful. The family room enables the basement to be used for several purposes, such as a family game room and workroom while it remains to be extremely comfortable. It is also an easy space to send the kids down to when their friends come over too. Many people see it as an additional living room that is equivalent to the main living environment, instead of having an extra space that has little meaning.

Basement Living Room

For Our Customers Who Love to Cook and Host!

Basement Kitchen

Entertainers find converting their modern basement into an amazing kitchen is the perfect renovation idea. The white backlit cabinets and black countertop aesthetic are chic for every host who loves to have every event in their home. Maintaining the functional aspects of the kitchen or taking it a step further with décor and materials elevates your entertainment space. The kitchen in the basement can also be used as extra storage of food in the fridge and be used as the “grease” kitchen to keep the kitchen in the main living space visually clean for the guests. All in all, a kitchen in the basement is a great option as a modern basement design.

Luxurious Entertainment Space

A games room in the basement is an ideal venue for playing and socializing. This room will accommodate the desires of all family members if it is well organized. A variety of games can be played by adults and teenagers such as a ping pong table or board games. It can be used by the men as a man cave to escape from everyday pressures. It can also be a space used for family bonding or to host friends, a games room is wonderful. It’s an easy means of keeping teenagers at home. Ideally, a gaming room in the basement is a mix of comfortability and various technologies. It is the ideal spot that is open and welcoming for all.

ping pong table in a finished basement

Gallery Walls Are All the Hype!

Iluminated-artifact-display-stand image

Designing a basement with Harmony Basements allows you the opportunity to build custom shelves. The custom designs can be tailored to your specific requirements and purposes. Accent walls are all the hype to draw attention to the custom backlit shelves as an architectural feature. In addition to the accent wall, the space can be utilized for your great art collection. This feature is intriguing for guests and livens up the traditional basement layout ideas. This makes your home unique which only increases the home value. Attention to detail never goes unnoticed. The basement is a room that can also bring decorative value to your house, believe it or not. Wall decor is by far one of the best ways to make your basement feel cozier and homier. You’re sure to find the right pieces for the place, with so many to pick from. It’s a simple way to let your individuality and style shine in your favourite pieces.

Maximize Your Space 

Usually, basements are similar to the same size as the ground level, so you twice the amount of living room by renovating it. It’s an easy statement to make, but it’s a good proposal to customers discussing the reconstruction of their basement. It will improve the quality of life at home by making your basement habitable. The justification for moving into a bigger home doesn’t have to be a growing family and limited space. A few of these challenges can be addressed by creating rooms in your basement. In your basement, the additional space helps you prepare for the future. For your growing families, who can be kids or even adults, the extra room is useful!

Mississauga Complete Basement Renovation

Complete Basement Makeovers

Second Suite Basement Services

It is time you take a look at your basement and decide how you will renovate the space. Elevating your basement aesthetic and layout will only benefit you and your future home value. It can be your quiet space, the cool hangout spot, and provide more space for storage. Increasing your home’s value is based on the square footage. Renovating your basement increases your home value only to give you a great return on investment. This increase appeals to potential home buyers when you are ready to sell. Furthermore, your basement can be renovated into a mini apartment to bring in an additional source of income. In your basement, constructing a legal apartment space will provide you with long-term financial benefits. For those who feel like they have more space than they use or don’t intend to use their basement, this choice is very smart. Be sure your house is structured for this before making the decision to renovate your basement so that you have a legally built basement to rent out.

Complete Basement Makeovers

How will you design my project?

We use state of the art technology to bring your basement ideas and designs to life. We will present you with a 3D render design in our work proposal to help you visualize what your new basement will look like. 

Our design consultants will also invite you to our showroom where you can select the right materials and finishes for your new basement.

Will you consider my ideas while designing the basement?

Yes! We take all your ideas into consideration during the designing phase of your basement renovation. During our initial in-home consultation, our team of designers will meet with you to discuss the ideas you have in mind and what style you prefer for your new basement.

Whether you have envisioned an interactive entertainment space to host your loved ones or you simply want to finish your basement, we have everything you need to make your vision a reality. 

Will I get to see what the design interior looks like as you design it?

Yes! With the help of our 3D virtual reality tour, we can give you a glimpse into what your new basement is beginning to look like.

We want to hear your honest feedback during all stages of the construction process. This way we can hear what you like, what you don’t like and what you would like us to change.

I have a new construction house that is not built yet but have the floor plans. Is this good enough to use for the design?

Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants so we can review the floor plans with you. We also welcome you to visit our showroom where one of our friendly team members can show your our floor plans in greater detail.

How soon should we start this design process?

We can work around your schedule and begin the design process depending on when you would like your basement renovation to be completed. An average 1,000 sq ft basement will take approximately 4 to 8 weeks to complete.

Come in for a free consultation and we can discuss our unique design process with you. No matter what design or ideas you have in mind, we guarantee that we can successfully execute your vision.

Where can I see samples of your work?

Visit our website for a more detailed look at some of our most recent basement renovations. We provide an interactive 3D virtual tour and a complete portfolio so you can have a closer look at the work we have completed for our customers. Take a virtual tour of our finished basements where we have built some incredible basement kitchens, basement gyms, entertainment spaces, and even a basement library.

We invite you to explore these spaces with our 3D virtual tour where you can see our high attention to detail and a wide array of our luxurious finishes.

Can you create a design for a small basement layout?

Absolutely. Our team of experts can create a detailed layout for any size basement, whether it’s small or large. First, we will take a tour of your existing basement and complete a full analysis of the space. This will help us create an in-depth layout for your new basement where we can take the correct measurements, assess electrical or plumbing needs, and identify the placement of furniture.

What makes your design services different from others?

At Harmony Basements, we provide a unique approach to our design services. We offer client-centered solutions for every project so we can fully understand our client’s vision. From the moment we sit down to have our first in-home consultation, we do our best to work closely with you. This way, we can take note of all your requests and provide a wide range of design options to choose from based on your preferences.

We also use AutoCAD, a cutting-edge software to help us stay ahead of the competition. With this software, we guarantee that all measurements and calculations are completely accurate before we begin any construction. AutoCAD is one of the most advanced forms of technology in 2D and 3D planning in the industry — we promise to use only the best for our clients’ basement renovations.

Harmony Basements clients can expect the absolute best for their basements. We can tailor and customize all aspects to design the basement you want for your home. Call us today for all your basement renovation needs.