CEO & Founder, Diego Botia

I’m not your average renovation contractor. I am a creative visionary that has taken the industry by storm. In addition to being an architect, I am an HVAC design engineer and a CAD designer who has created a unique and acclaimed 3D-Immersive Virtual Reality presentation for my clients.

I approach every project with exceptional care, seasoned skill and cutting-edge innovations that provide a superior renovation experience for homeowners across the GTA.

Much of my construction acumen can be attributed to my vast background in architecture and design. After completing a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Florida Atlantic University, I relocated to the GTA in 2008 and began making an indelible mark in the industry.

Disturbed by the number of clients who had fallen victim to negligent contractors who were only in it for the money, I decided early on that I would never be that guy and set out to create a company that exemplified excellence.

Today, I have accomplished just that. With razor-focused determination and drive, I have built a thriving renovation company that stands head and shoulders above the competition. Founded on honesty, integrity and customer care, Harmony Basements has achieved the kind of monumental success other construction companies strive for.

I lead my team with incredible insight. Understanding the importance of collaboration, I have assembled a team of outstanding professionals who are at the top of their game. I believe in leaving things better than I found them – a philosophy that applies to both buildings and people.