10 Creative Basement Pole Cover Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

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Are you renovating or planning to renovate your basement? A finished basement does wonders for expanding your home’s livable space and increasing resale value. In most cases, it’s pretty easy to transform even the darkest and dingiest of basements into a modern and comfortable space the entire family can enjoy. But sometimes, when it comes to basement renovations, there can be some tricky challenges.

We’re talking about basement poles. Most basements have one to help support the weight of your entire home, and they are usually in place of a support wall. Now, if you want to keep your basement concept open or your plans don’t include spending the extra expense of moving a support pole, you’ll need to get creative in terms of decorating it to fit in with the space.

We get it — support poles are pretty ugly! They can be a distraction from your desired aesthetic and draw attention away from your other comprehensively planned design elements. In this article, the basement contracting professionals at Harmony Basements have worked with their designers to develop some top basement pole cover ideas and support column decor.

Embrace the Industrial Look

For basement pole ideas, even if your basement support pole is made from a raw-looking material such as brick, metal or concrete — don’t give up all hope.

You can elevate the look and highlight the magnificence of these poles utilizing the proper lighting situation in combination with a total makeover that covers up any unsightly surface. Typically, a coat of paint can brighten up the space and serve as a thoughtfully tasteful disguise.

Cover it Up with Fabric

One of the most popular DIY basement pole wrap ideas is to utilize various fabrics, depending on your sense of style. The simplest and most elegant solution is to tie a rope around the pole using glue and screws.

You can choose different colours of rope as well as thicknesses to achieve your desired look. Alternatively, you can use fabric panels, curtains or even a tapestry to make those poles disappear in a classy way.

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Install Shelving

Nearly every homeowner struggles to find enough storage space in their home to keep everything neat and organized — so why not turn your basement pole into some much-needed storage space?

Talented designers like the ones at Harmony Basements can easily transform one of these poles into a customized storage solution by adding shelving to that support pole. If lined up the room correctly, you could even utilize part of your pole shelving as a side table for a recliner or a sofa.

Go Green with Plants

Again, if you’re installing shelves on your basement support pole you could use some of the shelves to house plants — the beauty of which outshines the basement support pole holding them in place.

Alternatively, Plants provide positive vibes and a great aesthetic to any indoor space. Alternatively, some people transform their basement poles into fake trees which comes across as a very fun and playful decoration idea, especially if your basement doubles as a playroom for the kids.

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Incorporate Art

Make the pole a work of art itself. If made from wood or stone, consider crafting it into a beautiful carving that showcases your artistic tastes. Paint a mural around the pole that turns them into a conversation piece, something that begs to be looked at.

Do you have many paintings you love? Build a drywall pillar around the box and hang some of your favourite works of art.

Create a Faux Column

Not every basement has these support poles, but what if you like the idea of a faux support column so you can showcase your artistic side in some of the projects we’ve mentioned in this article?

Using wood and plaster or drywall and craft moldings, you can pay homage to some of the most famous examples of pillars in architecture, taking cues from the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. On the more affordable end of the spectrum, there are prefab PVC column wraps you can buy to instantly overhaul the look of your space.

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Use Mirrors

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to making a smaller space look bigger and that’s the incorporation of mirrors. In this case, we are taking the pillars that might be visually closing in the space and adding mirrors so the entire basement looks bigger.

These mirrors can also work to amplify the effects of any natural light your basement gets making this tip a double bonus.

Create a Statement Column

Let’s be honest, most of this article is about hiding your basement support poles, but there is another way to look at this situation. Maybe it’s time for you to celebrate the design and create a statement column.

Use wild textures and bold colours or materials to draw attention to this immovable yet totally necessary feature of your basement.


When it comes to choosing basement pole covers, you must take into account your personal sense of style, as well as your family’s everyday needs for the space. For example, is it primarily a play space for the kids and in that case should we opt for bolder colours or carvings? Or perhaps your home is on the smaller side and you really need to maximize your livable space and storage area — then adding built-in shelves to your support pole is a no-brainer.

No matter what kind of basement renovation or basement finishing project you’re looking to have completed, you can count on the basement design experts at Harmony Basements to work closely with you to turn that dream basement into a reality because we specialize in creative basement design. From our first consultation, we’ll take the time to understand exactly what you need to get out of the project. Then we’ll start designing your vision and sourcing the highest quality material from our extensive network of reputable vendors.

Are you ready to get your basement renovation project started? Contact Harmony Basements right now to get a free quote and book your first no-obligation appointment. We look forward to working with you!