Top 5 Basement Renovation Trends 2021

Basements have come a long way. Instead of being the dull, dark spaces they were once known for, their value has grown exponentially in recent years. In fact, with the right design, your basement can become the new hot spot in your home!

Modern basements are now spaces in a home that can be explored to create an exciting functional space. One of the great things about basements is that they are a separate part of the home, so you can experiment with all kinds of modern basement designs and ideas without having to worry about whether your design blends with the rest of the home.

With the increased popularity of basement remodeling, there are tons of basement layout and design ideas out there that you can implement in your basement to create something that is unique and personal. You can do just about anything with your basement space and enjoy the benefits of more useable space in your home and increased value of your home.

So, let’s look into some exciting and trending basement designs that are sure to make your basement the room in your home you’ll never want to leave!

Modern Family Room in Basement Renovation Project Woodbridge

So many reasons why we love this basement space. Just because basements are notorious for being dark spaces, this does not have to be the case for you. Adding a series of ceiling lights helps brighten up this basement space. You can never go wrong with a fireplace. They are classic and timeless. The sight alone gives this basement an alluring and warm feel and is an excellent feature against the brick wall. The combination of the wall and the fireplace gives the room an outdoor feel, and the addition of the wooden coffee table gives the space a traditional touch.

Another thing to love about the room is the mounted TV and the comfortable seating. An area rug is used to add warmth and comfort to the flooring. There’s nothing like feeling those soft rug fibres under your feet. This simple yet modern basement design is a sure win!

Modern Family Room Design in Custom Basement Renovation Woodbridge

What isn’t there to love about this basement design. The black and white contrast created in this beautifully designed basement is stunning. It’s what colour-blocking is to fabric. The open concept is also a trend that many homeowners love because it allows you to move freely in the space and interact with one another easily. It promotes maximum usage of the space without having to add walls for division. In fact, you can get creative with the space and use more subtle ways to divide the room like paint.

The room is perfectly lit by the ceiling lights, and the raised coffered ceiling makes the room appear larger. This open concept is furnished with stylish furniture and modern fixtures. Anytime you have smaller spaces like basements, having walls can make the space feel even smaller. But an open concept creates more space. The only con may be that an open floor concept does not provide much privacy.

Woodbridge Custom Basement Design

Turn your basement into the perfect family room. By arranging the furniture in a way that creates a natural division in the room, you can have designated areas for watching TV or playing a family board game. The wooden floor pairs nicely with the wooden pillar and the other wooden fixtures incorporated in the room, giving it a very traditional/rustic feel. The fireplace in this basement helps to make the room cozy. This just goes to show you how versatile a basement can be. It doesn’t have to be a room designated for just one purpose, you can divide it up into areas and decide how best to use the space.

Basement Family Room with Blue Sliding Door - Basement Design Vaughan

The colour and design of the door in this basement adds so much character to the room. The blue stands out and the barn-style door is definitely a unique touch. The beauty about basements is you can be as creative as you would like to be. The bold colour on the door makes the room pop, especially since the rest of the room has little color. Experiment with colour in your basement and you may be amazed at just how much it brightens up the space.

Basement Bathroom with Custom Sauna - Basement Design Vaughan

Adding a bathroom to your basement space is not only great for convenience, it’s an excellent way to further invest into your home. The more bathrooms you have in your home the greater its value can be. The unique door stands out in this bathroom and is a great addition.

You don’t need to add a full bathroom in your basement, especially since space may be limited. Simply install a powder room and create some additional storage space underneath the vanity. Complete your bathroom with a high-efficiency toilet and you’re good to go!

Idea of Finishing a Basement

Renovated basement Thornhill

Your basement space doesn’t have to be dull and boring. With so many trendy basement ideas out there, you have a variety of ways to brighten up your home and customize your basement to your liking. Your basement can be the perfect space for all sorts of fun activities that will create lasting memories.

basement Finishing Design Project Toronto

The idea of finishing a basement can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing just what to do with the space in your basement takes creativity and skill – two things our design team has excellent experience in. Remember, your basement is an extension of your home and can be used for whatever purpose you need it for. So, whether you would like to turn it into a home gym, sauna/spa or entertainment room, the decision is completely yours. All you need are some great colour schemes, comfortable seating and proper lighting and you will be amazed at just how much fun you can have designing your basement space.

Amazing Basement Design by Harmony Basements Toronto

Our team at Harmony Basements can help you incorporate some of the best basement designs in your home. With our vast experience in basement remodeling, we’re confident in our ability to transform your basement into a space you will love.

Don’t let your basement space go to waste, envision what you would like to use the room for and begin exploring your possibilities today!