Our Basement Renovation Process

We understand that renovating your basement, no matter how large or small the project, is a big decision to undertake. The immensity of the whole basement renovation project is often a key reason why people seem to perpetually put off finishing their basement or simply rule it out altogether. That’s why, we have perfected a seamless process to make sure you have a positive basement renovation experience throughout the entire building journey. We ensure this by offering personalized client service at every stage of the design and renovation process that is aimed at meeting your unique lifestyle and needs. It is this overall experience that sets us apart from other basement builders – we strive to live up to the high standards you expect – every step of the way. Find out more about our client-centric installation process.

Time Needed : 28 days

Basement Renovation Process. Pre-Construction, Construction and Post-Construction Process

  1. Get in contact for a free estimate!

    The first step in finishing your basement is to contact us. You will be greeted by a client service advisor and we will give you a free at-home estimate.

  2. In-home consultation – We come to you!

    The main purpose of this consultation is to completely understand your needs for this new space, by asking the right questions, listening, and proposing smart and creative ideas.

  3. The game plan! (Our Proposal)

    Our work proposal includes a 3D render design that will help you
    visualize how your dream basement will look. It will also include an itemized breakdown of the cost of the project.

  4. Finance your project

    We understand that costs can be a major barrier in getting your dream basement. For that reason, we offer flexible financing options with dedicated financial advisors who will provide approval on loans to our valued clients and to help them make a confident decision.

  5. Visit our Design Centre

    At this stage of the process, our design consultant will walk you through our showroom to help you choose the finishes and materials for your new basement.

  6. Scheduling

    Once the construction drawings and the specifications are completed, the project manager in charge of the job will provide our clients a detailed project scheduled.

  7. Material Delivery

    After the dates have been set, the required materials will be delivered. We take pride in keeping the construction space as clean and as mess-free as possible.

  8. Installation Begins

    With the materials on hand to start working on your dream basement, our team of excellent craftsmen will begin the installation process.

  9. Quality Inspection

    Our quality control coordinator will inspect the installation process from start to finish, guaranteeing a perfect job every time.

  10. Client Satisfaction

    At this stage we have the opportunity to ensure client satisfaction and foster a lasting relationship.

  11. Warranty

    We provide our valued clients with lifetime basement renovation warranty documents.