12 Best Basement Playroom Ideas

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Need some fun basement ideas for your basement playroom? We’ve got tons of ideas for you. Designing a fantastic space specifically with your children in mind could not be easier with all the basement hacks we’ve got for you. You’ll be amazed at just how much can be accomplished with a little bit of creativity and a lot of skill. 

The key to any successful basement design is finding ways to make the space functional, convenient and uniquely yours. And the best thing about basements is that you have the liberty to transform your room into just about anything you like. So whether you are exploring entertainment basement ideas or other children’s playroom ideas, we’ve got a ton of ways that you can make your basement playroom everyone’s favourite room in the house.

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Build Indoor Play Gym

There’s nothing as cool as being able to have loads of fun indoors. Kids love the great outdoors because there’s so much liberty and freedom in being able to run outside and play. Remember all those wonderful memories you have from your younger years at the jungle gym? The fun doesn’t have to stop when your kids come inside. 

Create a gym play center so they can enjoy some indoor fun inside your basement. Regardless of the size of your basement, you can make the most out of your space and select a play center that fits well in your basement. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate set up. Just adding some key items to make the play center as fun and enjoyable as possible is enough to make your kids beam with joy.

Create Storage for Toys and Games

Areas in your home where a lot of activity takes place can get cluttered pretty easily. One of the ways to prevent this from happening in your basement is to keep it organized. Doing this not only keeps your basement neat and in order, but it can also prevent mishaps and injuries from children tripping over items.

Give your kids a safe place to play by coming up with creative ways to store toys and games in a way that keeps them out of the way when they’re not being used, but easily accessible when your kids need them. Get your children involved in keeping the play area in order. Having designated places for various items can teach your children to be organized and get them into the habit of putting away toys when they are done playing with them.

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Have Fun with Colour

Who doesn’t love a room bursting with tons of colour? Brighten up your basement play area with some bold colours to make it fun and inviting. Colours are essential in setting the tone of a room and can stimulate the brain and boost creativity and mood. All these are elements you want in your playroom.

Think about some of the preschool and kindergarten classrooms you’ve been in and how the room made you feel when you walked in. The key is to view things from your children’s perspective and think about what excites them. Don’t worry about colours clashing, the more colour, the better. Pick out some of the colours from your rugs, furnishings, paint, and any artwork that you will display on the walls.

Build a Media Corner

Fun for your children will not always involve bouncing off the walls and climbing up and down the play gym. A lot of their fun activities can also be done on their electronic gadgets or other media that stimulate the mind more. Create a small area in a corner and add comfortable bean bags, pillows, and other comfortable seating where your kids can spend some quiet time.

It’s also a place where everyone can gather around for movie night. In addition to comfortable seating, add an entertainment center and a TV, and you are all set! If your children are older and have an interest in gaming, look into creating a gaming hangout spot for them.

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Having a section in your basement playroom designated solely for media is a great way to keep your gadgets safe and keep all of the commotion of that particular area. You want your playroom to be enjoyable and convenient for everyone in the home.

Think about older kids and imagine the frustration they may feel trying to focus on a game or movie with smaller children running all around them. This can be very distracting and quite an annoyance. Avoid this by making the space more enjoyable for everyone by catering to each one’s needs.

Create a Homework Station

Getting kids to do homework is something that a lot of parents tend to struggle with. At the end of a long day at school, kids are running low on motivation, and the last thing on most of their minds is sitting down to do some homework. One of the things you can do to encourage the completion of homework is to create a space that your children enjoy being in.

A nice, comfortable area for them to complete their homework may make all the difference and make them a little more eager to complete the work. To set this up, think about adding a desk or a table with chairs and a supply caddy. Also, make sure that there is adequate lighting around your homework station. If possible, select an area with a window nearby so that natural light can flow in.

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Flooring Options

Floors in an unfinished basement are cold, hard, and not very conducive for a children’s play area. One of your priorities in transforming your room into a suitable space for your children to have a ton of fun in is to install flooring that will be a good fit. With all the activity happening in the playroom, hard flooring will be problematic and can even lead to serious injury. It’s important to choose flooring that is soft and comfortable for your children. One option is to add carpet, square carpet tiles, or washable rugs. One of the most popular playroom flooring options is foam flooring because they are easy to clean. Use your creativity to make the flooring designs uniquely yours with fun designs like tic-tac-toe or other options.

Create a Reading Nook

A reading nook can benefit your family in one of two ways: It can be a cozy, beloved spot for children who naturally love to read, or it can serve as a place that encourages reading for reluctant readers. Getting your children into the habit of reading regularly and finding enjoyment in learning through reading is something that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Make your basement space conducive to reading by designing an area for your children to bask in creativity and escape to a world of imagination through captivating stories. The goal is to make the space comfortable and cozy. You can do this by adding some bean bag chairs, a bookshelf, some large pillows, and a soft and comfortable rug. As with the homework station, make sure that you have a lamp or other form of additional lighting to make reading easy.

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Incorporate Child-Friendly Furnishings

A common mistake many parents make when designing a kids playroom is buying adult-size furniture for their children. Many think that their kids will “grow into the furniture.”

While much can be said about this exhibiting great foresight and saving money in the long run, you need a different approach when you are designing a playroom for children. Design a space suitable for your children’s current ages.

The goal of your playroom is to allow your children to play freely and be at ease in the space. If you have furniture that is breakable or not suitable for young children, it may be a safety hazard for them. Keep in mind that your child’s playroom is going to be one that’s filled with plenty of activity and movement. The furniture you use in that room should be child friendly so it doesn’t pose any danger to the children.

Something you should also consider when choosing furniture is size. Think about what is convenient for kids and view the world through their eyes. No need to buy a sofa set suitable for adults when you can buy smaller seating that’s more appropriate for your children’s smaller bodies. Also consider adding mini tables that can be used for eating snacks or doing crafts. Remember not to clutter the room with too many furnishings.

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Durable Fabrics are Crucial

The type of fabric you incorporate into your basement playroom is important. Save your delicate fabrics and luxury items for another room. You want to make sure that the fabrics you use in your basement playroom are appropriate for the activity that will take place there. Children are still learning to be careful so you can expect a lot of mishaps and spills in your basement.

Select fabric that is not only durable but washable to ensure that your basement remains looking new. Look for material that is stain-resistant and can easily be wiped down. Some materials that are great for playrooms are ultra-suede material, vinyl or leather-looking fabrics. You also want fabrics that are soft to the touch and colourful.

Combine Family Room and Playroom

Design your basement in such a way that different sections of the basement can be used for different activities. It is possible to create a room that serves the needs of young and old. Combining your basement playroom and family room allows the grownups to enjoy the same space just as much as the children.

This is great for parents with small children. It gives them the ability to easily monitor their child as they play in a different area of the room. Think about some of the activities the adults like to do and incorporate them into the family room.

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Add Basement Bathroom

The convenience of having a bathroom in your basement cannot be overstated. When engrossed in a fun activity, no one wants to leave what they are doing to go all the way upstairs to use a bathroom located on another floor in the home.

Enjoy the convenience of a bathroom nearby by building one into your basement area. This is not only good for adults, but it’s also great for children who typically wait until the last minute to make a run for it.


With a bathroom in your basement, everyone can enjoy the convenience it affords. It doesn’t need to be a full bathroom. If space is limited, you can install a powder room or a half bath. The more bathrooms your home has the more appealing it will be for future homeowners if you decide to sell sometime in the future.

A bathroom is also a good idea if you decide to grow old in your home. As we age, mobility can become more challenging, so building a bathroom in your basement is always a good idea.

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Explore Fun Designs

Have you ever considered a themed design? The beauty of basements is that you can incorporate fun designs and themes that your children will love. To successfully do this, consider your children’s ages and what their current interests are.

Then, incorporate ideas that can be updated over time. This is important because children’s interests change quite regularly, so you’ll want to be able to switch to a different theme easily and without breaking the bank. Also keep your childrens’ personalities in mind when designing their playroom.

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There’s no doubt that the possibilities are limitless when it comes to basement playroom ideas. The key is to have fun and design a space that your children will love being in. Harmony Basements has a creative team that specializes in transforming ordinary basements into magical spaces fit for your family. We’re proud to be a top-tier basement renovator in Toronto that is well known for their attention to detail and excellence.

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