Best Ideas for Your Basement Ceiling


Once you’ve decided to take on a basement renovation, you may wonder how to improve the look of your ceiling to make the space more bright and open. A basement can present a variety of renovation challenges such as being unfinished, low ceilings, exposed piping, or wiring. But this doesn’t mean you can’t come up with amazing basement ceiling ideas that will transform the look of your space and seamlessly blend it into the rest of your home’s decor. Let’s review some of the most common ceiling coverings that will add visual appeal and value to your home.

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Stretch Ceilings

Fabric is a unique and affordable way to enhance the look of your basement. Finding beautiful and elegant sheets that help brighten your space such as soft whites or creams, is a great way to soften the look of your basement.

Mix and match colours for a bold effect. You can create a number of unique appearances by changing the way the fabric is placed. Letting it billow will give it a more bohemian feel while pulling it tight to the ceiling will give it a more modern feel.

Corrugated Metal for Ceiling

Give your basement a modern and industrial vibe with a corrugated metal ceiling. This is one of the best-exposed basement ceiling ideas because it closes in your ceiling effectively and with impact. Your basement will take on a classic warehouse or loft feel when you utilize upcycled materials. 

Remember, working with metal can be dangerous so here are a few tips to keep yourself safe during installation. 

  • Always wear protective gloves and eyewear to avoid scratching your eyes
  • Seal rusted pieces with a clear coat to prevent rust from spreading
  • Cut sheets of metal into smaller squares to create cool patterns and designs

Paint Your Ceiling

A painted basement ceiling is one of the most practical solutions for your space. Not only can the job be completed quickly and affordably, but the results will completely transform and enhance the look of your basement.

Choose from colours that are going to help brighten the space. Stick to whites, creams, and other neutral colours to help give the illusion of space and height.

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Embossed Tin Ceiling Panels

You have probably been in an old general store or library and noticed embossed tin ceilings. These unique pieces are easy to install and come in a variety of chic designs. Choose from vintage ceiling tiles to get a truly authentic look for your home or try a more modern tile that gives your home a classic feeling. Tin panels are generally 2 feet square and can come in packs of 10 to 12. Antique tin ceilings can come in a variety of quantities, so take the time to do some research and look around for a style that suits the look you want to create. 

To affix ceiling tiles properly, there are a few things to keep in mind. You will need to nail the tin ceiling to a substructure like plywood to ensure it stays attached to your ceiling. You may also install tin ceilings using a drop ceiling grid for greater visual impact. Remember to consider your budget when deciding whether or not to use tin ceilings. This type of panelling can cost more than regular tiles, but the investment and results are worth it.

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Glue-on Ceiling Tiles

If you want the effect of ceiling tiles without the cost and labour, then glue on ceiling tiles may be the design choice for you. Glue-on tiles come in a wide range of colours and patterns so you can fully customize your basement space. They are easy to install meaning you can have results in just a few hours without having to go through a full renovation. 

You can install ceiling tiles using tile adhesive and a putty knife. You can also use a caulking gun for easier application. Keep in mind the type of material you plan on applying the tile too. A wood foundation will not provide long-term adhesion so you may need to put a different foundation under the tiles to guarantee the results you want.

Create a Sky Using Wallpaper or Paint

Why stick to a plain and ordinary ceiling? Wallpaper or paint allows you to transform your ceiling into art. You can create beautiful skyscrapers with wallpaper that already has the image you want on it. Or for a more artistic look, use paint to magically create a cloud-filled sky.

With a few simple tool brushes and light brush strokes, you can have a beautiful, dreamy sky to gaze upon while you enjoy your basement space. We recommend if you are going to choose this design option, to consider where you are planning to do your painting. You don’t want to paint over an area in the ceiling such as a hatch or over panels that may need access later.

Use Beadboard

Popular in homes with a cottage or nautical feel, beadboard is an inexpensive and fun way to jazz up your ceiling. Many types of beadboard come pre-colored so you don’t have to spend time painting to get the look you want to achieve.

Remember that beadboard needs a foundation to nail onto, so consider what additional work will need to be done to prepare your ceiling for installation. For more added style, you can use beadboard between joists to give your home a more rustic or industrial feel.

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Drop Ceiling Tiles

A drop ceiling is a multi-dimensional way to improve the look of your basement ceiling. Your contractor will be able to help you achieve this look. First, you will need to install a metal grid system that will hold the tiles. This gives the appearance of a drop ceiling and becomes the base while you will do the painting or tiling. 

Drop ceilings provide a host of additional benefits for homeowners including the ability to easily add overhead lighting to help brighten up your space. Remember, however, if you are going to add a drop ceiling then you may lose significant headroom. Your contractor will work with you to see if this is a viable option given the size and square footage of your basement ceiling.

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Wooden Planks

Do you want a rustic or more country vibe for your basement? Then, you might want to consider wooden planks. These boards can be made from countless materials and cut to your specifications.

Remember, a bathroom is typically cool and damp, so it’s important to choose a wood that can combat moisture. We suggest choosing a wood that is treated with water-repelling material to prevent warping or staining over time.

Painted Wooden Planks

Building on wooden planks as ceiling panelling, we suggest painted wooden planks. This will allow you to customize your design even further. Similar to basement ceiling tiles or other ceiling coverings, we suggest a light or neutral colour to enhance light and give the illusion of more space.

However, don’t be afraid to play with colour. If your basement is already a bright colour, then try a bold shade like charcoal to make a statement.

Decorative Ceiling Tile

Similar to tin ceiling tiles, decorative ceiling tiles allow you to add texture and beauty to your ceiling. Ceiling tiles come in a variety of materials and patterns so you can find one that fits your specific design goals.

Decorative tiles can give the illusion of metal, wood, painted ceilings or other designs which makes them a fun and versatile choice for your basement. They can always be painted later if you decide to switch up your decor.

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Coffered Ceiling

A coffered ceiling lets you be as dramatic or minimal as you like with your ceiling design. Using molding, you can create a variety of patterns that give the illusion of height and depth. Paired with decorative ceiling tiles, you can give your basement ceiling an almost cathedral feeling.

This is a great design choice for basements that are being used for more formal purposes such as a library, billiard room, or lounge. Coffered ceilings can be painted or stained to suit your basement decors, such as deep browns or elegant whites. It is the perfect choice for homeowners who want to add a sense of luxury and refinement to their basements.

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Drop Ceiling Tiles 

There are several drop ceiling ideas you can incorporate in your basement. Drop ceiling tiles allow you to improve the look of your basement while still giving you access to the space above. They are ideal for basements with exposed ceilings and work well when covering up any wires, piping, or vents.

Fully customizable and available in a variety of materials and colours, you can have a beautiful new ceiling that fits your design goals at a price that fits your budget.

Dark Trim 

Many homeowners forget that trim can be just as impactful as the ceiling itself. A dark trim around the edge of your ceiling can define your space, while also creating additional opportunities to add character to your space. Wood or crown moulding is one of the best ways to achieve this look.

Available in prefab or custom pieces, you can create a look that reflects the kind of aesthetic you want to create in your basement whether its modern and sleek trim or more elegant designs.

Wood Beams

Wood beams can add depth and rustic charm to your basement ceiling. This is particularly effective in large basement areas or basements with high ceilings. Remember to consider the overall height of your room before choosing beams.

In a low basement, they may make the room feel smaller, so choose the size and depth of your beams carefully. Wood beams are best paired with a white or neutral colour ceiling so the space feels open.

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Make a Statement with Bold Graphics 

Do you have a design you want to create for your ceiling? Graphics may be the right choice for you. Customizable graphics let you transform your ceiling into a work of art that reflects your decor. For example, if you use your space for a movie theatre, you may want to have a ceiling that looks like an old-fashioned movie house.

If your basement is used for a library, then perhaps the addition of some classical art-inspired images would be the perfect choice for your space. Your graphic designer will be able to create a design that is customized to your specified dimensions and artistic vision.

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A basement ceiling offers a lot of room for creativity. You no longer have to live with exposed basement ceilings and unsightly wires infringing on your space. Today there are so many great design ideas that can transform and update the look of your space.

These simple changes can add significant value to your home. Buyers always prefer a space where they won’t have to take on any large renovation projects. By making these upgrades to your home, you are increasing buyer appeal now and in the future.

Whether you want a painted basement ceiling or a fabric ceiling, Harmony Basements can help you create a look that enhances your decor. Our team of professional basement contractors and designers will work with you to find the right materials and designs to create a space that is open and inviting. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction. That’s why we only use the finest materials paired with the latest ceiling installation technology. 

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