The Best Rooms to Add to a Basement

If your home is starting to feel a little cramped, it might be time to turn to your basement for that extra square footage your family needs. Working with Harmony Basements, you can transform yours into an oasis of comfort, productivity, and practicality.

Our team of expert designers and contractors has come up with this list of room ideas for the best bonus rooms to add to your basement.

Modern Family Room in Basement Renovation Project Woodbridge

Perfect Clubhouse

This is your chance to add an extra room in the form of a completely new living space. When your kids start to grow older and want to spend more private time with their friends, this is the best opportunity to create a perfect hideaway. This way, they can have their own space to hang out with friends and maintain their personal space.

Add a television, fireplace, and comfortable seating for a dozen friends, and you’re ready to entertain easily all year long. Make sure one of those couches is a convertible sofa to add extra sleeping space. Get creative with planks and soffits to hide unsightly beams and ductwork throughout the basement.

wine-cellar-basement image

Rustic Wine Cellar

Need unique bonus room ideas? A wine cellar will give your home a sense of luxury that you might associate with a mansion living a high-flying lifestyle. But more homeowners are investing in a wine cellar for many reasons. It increases the value and appeal of your home to prospective buyers. It’s also a fabulous way to entertain your guests.

Nothing gets a conversation going like talking about your vintage wine collection. And talk about convenience! Buying wine by the case is much more economically viable than purchasing single bottles. The best part is you’ll never have to worry about running out of wine at inconvenient times.

Vintage-Look Bathroom

Adding another bathroom is a great way to add value to your home and improve your family’s quality of life. Whether someone can use it for their morning routine or for guests to have a comfortable and private place to pamper themselves, you’ll never regret adding that extra bathroom into your basement.

Consider going for a timeless look with a glass shower and neutral-colored tiles on the floor to achieve the perfect balance of brightness and airiness.

Basement laundry room in Etobicoke

Laundry Room

Putting your laundry room in a finished basement is an excellent opportunity to maximize your storage and improve the overall laundry experience. Your washer and dryer doesn’t have to sit in a dingy, unfinished basement. Make it bright and full of light! Get a stackable washer and dryer to maximize the amount of space you have to add additional shelving for the storage of detergents and extra linens.

You can also add a laundry tub to help with extra tough messes and stains. Close off your laundry room with its doorway to keep the noise level to a minimum and you likely won’t hear the washing machine banging around from anywhere else in the house!

Homework Central

The kids need a quiet place to study and get their schoolwork done when they come home from class. What better space to offer this kind of getaway than in your newly renovated basement? They get their own privacy and an area free from distraction.

Let the kids help with the design choices to make it their own. If they play a part in designing their own station, they’ll enjoy spending time there much more while finishing up their homework.

Drinks Station

Party time anyone? Here are some bonus room bar ideas! After a long day of work, one of the best things you can do is head down to your bar for a glass of beer. The kids are asleep upstairs and it’s just you and your partner at the handcrafted bar with a lovely set of glassware, and maybe even a dart board to complete that genuine pub feel.

Adding a bar or drinks station is also a great accessory to have if you plan to entertain friends and family. And once again, these features are something that adds value to your home, especially if you plan to plumb in a wet bar.

secondary suite image

Fun and Games Space

A rec room is a classic basement addition. It’s somewhere that you can get away from it all with a ping pong table, billiards table, air hockey table, dart board, etc. It’s also a great place to store the kid’s toys and games away from the main floor.

Add customized shelving to help them keep everything neat and organized. This will ensure that your upstairs is more peaceful. If the boys or the kids are coming over, just send them to the fun and games space in the basement!

Excersise room in basement in Bradford

Home Theatre

Let’s talk about basement entertainment room ideas! This is the ultimate experience to add for media lovers. Imagine having a big, comfy space to watch your favourite movies, TV shows or play your favourite video games. Add some comfortable seating, make sure your lighting is on a dimmer switch to adjust the mood.

Throw in a projector screen instead of a TV to achieve a home theatre experience. While you’re doing your renovation, take advantage of the construction and add additional wiring options for surround sound.


Suite for Guests

You need to seriously think about a basement guest room. Whether it’s the in-laws or your friends from out-of-town, it’s always an excellent option to offer your guests a private bedroom in the basement. Preferably with an en suite bathroom for maximum comfort and to get that full spa or hotel-like experience.

Giving people one of your upstairs bedrooms is nice, but it’s also good to have some space. Plus, having an extra, fully independent bedroom and bathroom in the basement gives you another opportunity to rent out a room if that’s what you choose to do.

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As you can see, there are limitless possibilities to add bonus rooms to your business for fun, pleasure, comfort, and quality of life. So if you’re ready to start planning the design of your dream basement, call Harmony Basements today and book your appointment for your first consultation. We look forward to helping you with your next basement renovation.