8 Steps For a Brilliant Basement Kitchen

Basement Kitchen

Investing in a kitchen for the basement is a good idea especially when you plan to rent your basement to multiple tenants or a family. Kitchens in the basement give a private apartment vibe that young tenants tend to love.

Along with waterproofing the basement and debugging it, making the kitchen perfect is something that every landlord must consider. A good basement kitchen can help you get the best buck for your basement.

So, here are the 8 steps that will give you a brilliant basement kitchen:

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1. Basement Kitchen Planning

You might have chosen the colour of the cabinets and the faucets to go along with them but without proper basement kitchen planning, the space is not ready for the drilling. You must consider plumbing, smoke management, lighting, area spread and the budget. Start with drawing out the basement kitchen designs you have in mind and pick the ones that work the best in the space you have. Having a basic blueprint will let you start and finish the project within the right time and within the budget.

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2. Basement Ventilation

While most basements have the space to sustain a kitchen, they may not necessarily have the right airflow for it. Proper basement ventilation is needed to avoid odour spreading from the basement to the whole house. You must invest in additional windows and vents if you are planning to have an open kitchen in your lower ground.

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3. Basement Fire Safety When Planing Your Basement Kitchen

Your kitchen should be constructed away from the furnace, water heater, electrical circuit or any other heat-generating source. Installing separate smoke detectors and carbon mono-oxide sensors is necessary for basement fire safety. Additionally, train your tenants to tackle fire emergencies and make sure they are also in close proximity to the fire escape.

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4. Basement Kitchen Storage Space

Basements are often more spacious than upper floors. Installing a basement kitchen storage unit is a good way of using this space. You can use it to have a mini grocery store right inside your home. It will be a good place to store major cooking appliances that cannot be kept on the counter. You can also use this space as a wine cellar. When it comes to the basement, having in-built storage is a smart kitchen idea.


5. Basement Kitchen Appliances

Saving counter space should be top on your agenda. Installing a cooktop with an inbuilt oven and microwave will help you keep your basement kitchen spacious. Instead of buying different basement kitchen appliances, you can go for smart multipurpose choices like a juicer + mixer + grinder that does all the work at once. Instead of bringing the barista in, go for a mini brew machine that is not only efficient but also aesthetic. Minimal appliances are best suited for small basement kitchenettes.

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6. Small Basement Kitchen

Since basements offer good space, you might end up giving more space to the kitchen than it’s needed. Going for a small basement kitchen will keep the basement looking spacious. Go for an I-shaped kitchen with an island border. It gives a pantry feel to the area making it look compact yet classy.


7. Basement Kitchen Cost

You don’t need to break a bank to get a good-looking kitchen in your lower ground. The area spread determines the basement kitchen cost. If you go for small square feet, you will find many basement kitchen ideas on a budget. Best kitchens are often built in the smallest of spaces.

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8. Bright Basement Kitchen Ideas

Basements are often dimly lit and going for darker instalments can make the place look a little off-putting. The year has seen catalogues coming up with bright basement kitchen ideas that suggest new shades of white, cream, pink and taupe to give a Victorian edge to your kitchen. Going for these colours will brighten up the whole floor. You can also go for extra lighting in the kitchen area. These days, LED strips beneath the cabinets are taking over traditional ceiling lamps. Go for warm white lighting to make your basement kitchen look bigger and brighter.

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