Basement Kitchen ideas

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Adding a kitchen to your basement would be one of the best investments. It will turn your basement into an independent floor that can either be rented out or can be used for recreational purposes. It is perfect for families that play good hosts and want to be remembered for their style and ambience. However, just because it is a basement kitchen doesn’t mean you just go basic with its aesthetics. You can just as creative with a kitchen in your basement as you can with the one on your main floor.

If you have been going through catalogues of designs and style inspirations, look no further. Here are some basement kitchen ideas you can use to high functioning and good looking kitchen in your basement:

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Open Concept

An open concept kitchen is perhaps the most desirable trend of modern times. It’s a great use of space and helps you avoid extra beams and builds. It makes your kitchen look spacious along with the area it opens to. If you are crunched for space, an open concept small basement kitchen is the best for you.

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Classic White Cabinetry

A classic white colour scheme not only gives a modern touch to your kitchenette but also makes your basement look brighter. You can complement the classic white cabinetry with chessboard flooring or any other monochromatic detailing.

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Off White

If you are a fan of white but what to go for a vintage look, off white is the colour for you. You can partner off white cabinets with gold or copper details and get that victorian inspired basement kitchenette design.

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Compact Dine-In Kitchen

In a basement, it is always recommended to make the best use of space. You can have an extra counter coming out of an I-shaped kitchen and use it as a dining table by putting bar stools around it.

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Sports Bar Effect

If you want your basement kitchen to be a bar for your game nights, it can totally be done. Have a beer fridge and bar cabinet and decorate the area with jerseys, posters and other merch from your favourite team.

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White and Grey Combination

The white and grey combination is perhaps the most sophisticated combination. It oozes a clean kitchen vibe which is great if you want to rent your basement to professionals. You can have top shelves in white and bottom shelves in grey to make this combination subtle yet impactful. Go for marbled countertops to keep the sophistication flowing.

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Crystal Lighting

No matter what colour cabinetry you have, if the lighting doesn’t complement the design, your kitchen will not reach its maximum aesthetic potential. This is why you should always give good consideration to the lighting. These days, many kitchens are featuring elegant crystal lighting that is inspired by a chandelier. However, you can go for shiny crystal lights over your island counter to make your kitchen look more premium. This is particularly good for kitchens that have a basic colour scheme and minimal embellishing.

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Natural Stone Backdrop

For a rustic vibe, you don’t have to bring the whole cottage to your kitchen (although that is a good idea). You can just use a natural stone or even a brick backdrop to give hints of cottage or country-side kitchen to your basement kitchen. Go for natural colours like beige, graphite, brick red, pebble white etc.

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Metallic Embellishments

If you have a basic white, grey, or beige kitchen, you can go for metallic embellishments to add more depth to the design. You can choose stylish silver lighting, faucet, cabinet handles, and kitchen appliances if you have a grey coloured kitchen. If it is a white or beige kitchen, go for metallic copper embellishments instead.


What should I put in my kitchen in the basement?

While your main floor can easily sustain a fully-loaded kitchen, your basement can use a kitchenette or a pantry with all basic features like gas and sink. For appliances, you can have a smaller stove, a fridge and an air fryer instead of a heavy-duty oven. However, you can add extra storage space to keep a stock of groceries. This will help keep your basement light yet functional.

How much does it cost to put a kitchen in the basement?

There are many factors that go into estimating the budget of your basement kitchen. Size. style, design, and features are the broad factors that affect the cost. Usually, a basic wet kitchenette or kitchen bar costs $5000 and up. If you already have the gas line and plumbing in place, you can prepare cabinetry and other elements of your kitchen within $2000.

What is a basement kitchenette?

A basement kitchenette is seemingly similar to a pantry. It has cabinets, a refrigerator, a microwave and/or a small cooking area. What makes it different from a kitchen is the size. A kitchenette is usually smaller which is why it has lesser features.

Does a basement kitchen add value?

A basement kitchen not only makes the area more self-contained but also adds to the overall real estate value of your home. It also makes it more attractive to tenants looking for a private kitchen area. This helps you make extra income from your home which eventually adds to the returns on your home.

If you have any questions regarding your basement kitchenette, you must consult your contractor. The right contractor will help you through all your doubts and will complete your kitchen with sound communication and transparency. Building a kitchen in your basement should be fun and easy.