Bring Your Basement to Life

It can be really difficult for clients to see drawings and written plans in three dimensions, and that can take some of the magic and excitement away. We bring collaboration with you to the next level. View your new basement in a 3D tour and see all of the rooms as if you were actually walking around in them. Our Harmony team will create a unique 3D excursion for you, literally showing you the end result of the work that we are going to perform. Virtual reality also allows you to better express and share your ideas with us in the planning stages of the construction process. Equipped with a VR headset you will be able to see, with your own eyes, your vision brought to life by our designers’ work. We can easily make any changes to ensure that we will get your design perfect, together.

Our planing and renovation process

Great Savings

Mistakes and miscommunication in construction projects can be very costly, involving not just the cost of wasted materials, but the cost to undo the error and to redo that part of the project. We want your project to stay on budget, without the cost of wasted lumber, studs, drywall, and steel. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that our designs reflect your visions perfectly. By building a 3D model for you and receiving your immediate feedback, we will be able to match all of your needs and wants on your project in a way that a drawing on a page cannot quite achieve. We are not here to only help to build the basement of your dreams, but to also save you money and make sure that you are happy in the long-term.

How We Change the Game

Working with our 3D artist is useful and cost-effective, and your project will benefit immensely from it. With our 3D virtual tour experience, you will not only be able to select colours and fabrics, but you will be able to confirm for yourself that the final project outcome will be exactly what you want it to be. Our Harmony team will incorporate building codes, health & safety practices, and psychology behind the project to a 3D virtual tour. We will even be able to work with very small detail specifications such as light switch placement and door handles, working in tandem with you on the design until you are 100% satisfied.

3D augmented reality