Basement Ideas 2020/21/22

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In 2020, basement renovation is so much more than an option for extra storage or an additional bedroom. Today homeowners are looking more and more to add multipurpose rooms. Entertainment spaces, home theatres, and personal gyms are a few popular trends for basement renovation. To help inspire your 2022 basement renovation, we’ve listed some of the hottest basement ideas below.


You have recently made the greatest investment of your life and purchased the house of your dreams. While every room in the house should serve a clear purpose, there is nothing more disappointing than realizing you have a room in your house that is not being used to its full potential.

At Harmony Basements, we are committed to turning your basement from that frumpy part of the house into a lively area where you can kick back, lounge and relax after a long week.

Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Basement

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When it comes to finishing a basement, the possibilities are endless. However, before looking into man cave basement ideas, it is recommended that you consider the following factors:

  • Size of your basement
  • Desired purpose for your finished basement
  • Basement expenses as well as your budget

If you ever need a professional’s input on your basement, do not hesitate to get in touch with Harmony Basements for a consultation.

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Man Cave Basement Ideas

Game RoomSports BarPersonal Gym

If you are someone who frequently likes to entertain, you probably need a space to accommodate your guests. Why not turn your basement into a game room where you and your friends can have fun on a Friday night? A go-to man cave basement idea that always seems to do the trick is setting up a pool table. Better yet, you have the opportunity to turn your basement into a private bowling alley where you can bowl, mess up, and not get a single pin without having to worry about public humiliation.

finished basement with amazing bar and pool table

Turn your basement into your own sports bar where you can view sporting events in the comfort of your home. Be the host of tournaments and world series where you, your family, and friends never miss an important game. You can also fill an entire wall in your basement with TV screens or even add a mini bar with barstools to create the ultimate sports bar atmosphere.

luxury game room in basement reno

Among the many different ways you can reinvent your basement is making it your own private gym. The perks of having a personal gym are that machines and facilities are always available for use and you do not have to worry about hygiene and cleanliness of the equipment. Furthermore, you end up saving money in the long run because this type of membership lasts a lifetime.


Basement Bar Ideas

It’s about time you transform that dark and cold basement into something entertaining. What better way to do that than installing a basement bar? There are so many different avenues you could go with this basement renovation, and they all leave you with a beautiful entertainment space worth every penny. If you need some inspiration for your basement bar, don’t fret. We’ve noted some trendy basement bar ideas below that are sure to suit your style.

Cafe Style BarSmall Basement BarArcade-Style

A cafe-style bar makes for a great atmosphere to sit down with friends and enjoy a coffee. Installing bright lights, accented with bright colours, organized cabinetry, and specialty coffee appliances, are a few elements that will help successfully transform the space.

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Working with a smaller space? There’s nothing wrong with a small basement bar! In fact, a small wet bar is a perfect solution that will take full advantage of the area that you do have. Fascinating on-trend wet bar ideas for small spaces include adding under counter appliances, custom-designed cabinetry to fit into a nook, and bold countertops. Other great additions for a wet bar basement include incorporating a classy design, custom shelving, and extensive lighting. The good news is that there are so many different small basement bar ideas out there, there’s most definitely a style out there for you!

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For all those who are young at heart, an arcade-style bar for your basement renovation is a unique basement bar design that will get you excited. Install retro arcade machines paired with vibrant lights, and your basement renovation will look like a full-blown arcade! This option also makes for a great entertainment space to host parties. Having the entertainment and basement bar all in one place makes everything so much more convenient and hassle-free.

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Basement Ceiling Ideas

Choosing the right ceiling for your basement renovation isn’t always an easy task. Do you want to preserve space by having a bare look, or would you willingly go the fancy route and sacrifice space? These are significant circumstances to consider during this renovation. To help with your decision, we’ve listed some great options to analyze below.

Ceiling TrimDecorative Ceiling TilePainted BeamsWood beams

A relatively inexpensive option, crown moulding is a great option that adds elegance to your ceiling. With so many different patterns and designs, this ceiling moulding is a versatile option that can do wonders for your basement renovation. Popular trends with cornice moulding include intricate designs and even corner moulding to enhance your space further.

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Ceiling Tiles are a simplistic way to decorate your ceiling. This option again comes in a variety of styles, ranging from simple to elegant. What’s great about this style is that you can use the characteristics of the ceiling tiles to help coordinate a theme for your space. You also won’t get that finished basement feel with this option. The results leave you with a simplistic look that could fit just about anywhere in your home.

Lounge-area-in-finished-basement- Etobicoke

Perhaps one of the simplest options painting the ceiling beams and pipes is a modern way to freshen up your basement. White is the most popular colour that homeowners usually go with, as it gives off a refreshingly modern vibe.

Gym-basemet-mancave-renovation image

Another option that shows off the natural ceiling of the basement, installing wooden beams is a great option for rustic homeowners. If you like a homey cottage feel, this is the look for you. With this design, most homeowners choose to pair the wooden beams with a fresh coat of white paint, as the contrast works well together.

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Small Basement Ideas

Working with a small basement doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do anything with the area. There are plenty of options out there to help you maximize space efficiency. From functional storage to well-designed kitchens, there are multiple small basement ideas out there that are sure to take full advantage of the space you do have.

Make Your Basement Appear BiggerBe Creative with StorageFocus on the Layout

One of the key tactics is to make a basement look bigger than it is. How can this be achieved? It’s quite simple. Choose an open concept design. Avoiding adding walls will allow the basement to feel much more spacious, thus making it appear more prominent than it is. Another trick is to avoid bold colours for the walls. Using neutral tones makes the area feel much more expansive. Lighting also plays a significant role in creating the illusion of a larger space. Basements typically don’t have great window options, which prevents natural light from entering the area. To compensate for this, it’s a great idea to add multiple light sources such as floor and table lamps and wall sconces.

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Since you are working with a smaller space, you don’t have much room to store items. To help with this, it’s a wise idea to install customized storage. Having dedicated storage and hidden compartments allows for more space for decorative accents or furniture.

image of basement renovation hall

Another important factor to help you save space in your basement is the layout. A well-thought-out design will go a long way in preserving your space. Things to consider include if you prefer diving up the area into multiple rooms or prefer to go with a completely open concept.


Bedroom Ideas

Adding a bedroom to your finished basement is an exciting renovation project. Whether you choose to rent out the new room or use it for a family member, there are many ways to get creative with the project. To help you with your renovation, we’ve listed some creative basement bedroom ideas below.

Perhaps one of the most practical uses of a finished basement is as an extra bedroom. Say your cousins are coming in from out of town and you have already offered to be their host, but you completely forgot that your house does not have enough bedding space to accommodate them during their stay. Well, this is where Harmony Basements comes into play. We are specialized in turning basements into luxury bedrooms with the help of our highly-skilled team of professionals.

Basement Bedroom Ideas on A BudgetMake Use of ColourAdd a Modern TwistKeep it SimpleSize UpKeep It WarmReinvent Old Furniture

Don’t stress. There are still plenty of creative concepts to choose from when working on a budget. Strategically implementing small accents can go a long way. Installing bright lights makes the space more lively and takes away from the natural darkness of a basement. Using softer paint tones such as greys and whites makes the area appear larger than it is. Lastly, go with an open concept. It will make the bedroom feel much larger than it is. These tips are not only great for those working within a budget but also work great as some small basement bedroom ideas.


Basements are typically dark. With the addition of a bedroom, adding a pop of colour goes a long way. Try to accent colour with small elements such as a bright bed comforter or pillow, carpets, and even wall patterns. It’s necessary to keep the colours consistent. The last thing you want is a bedroom filled with multiple vibrant colours!

Second bedroom basement renovation Etobicoke

The neat thing about basement bedrooms is that you can have a lot of fun with them. Why not experiment and try something different? Design the room around a unique theme. A cozy cabin, a tropical paradise, or a minimalistic design are a few neat ideas to consider.

image of a bedroom

If you are choosing to rent out the bedroom, it’s always a wise idea to go with a simple concept. You want your potential residents to feel comfortable. Go with the staples, use white or grey tones, simple lighting, and basic furniture.

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Say your basement is quite small and you would like to renovate it in a way that would make it look more spacious than it actually is; try adding mirrors on the walls because not only will they help to create the illusion of spaciousness, but they will also maximize your basement lighting if you find that it is a little dull. In addition, interior design experts recommend using light pastel colours to paint your basement walls because they will make it look bigger.

basement bedroom with custom wallpaper - basement renovation aurora

A great heating system for a bedroom basement is to install radiant heating under the floor. Sub-floor heating looks chic and is energy-efficient. Additionally, it saves you from the typical hassle of a chimney which not only requires wood, but can also be a fire hazard.

small bedroom with beige wall painting by harmony basements contractors toronto

If you are on a tight budget, try repurposing old furniture. It is important to save money when you can, so you may get rid of that used up mattress from one of your main bedrooms. However, if you have its bed frame and it is still in good shape, you might as well use it in your newly renovated basement bedroom and simply get a new mattress.

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Safety for Basement Bedrooms

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Although turning your basement into a bedroom is a great way to make use of extra space, it is important to know the standard safety measures for a basement bedroom, especially if someone will be occupying it long term.

When renovating a basement bedroom, keep in mind the following safety regulations stated by the Ontario Building Code as well as the Ontario Fire Code:

  • A large enough egress window that functions as an exit in case of an emergency
  • Installing a smoke alarm
basement apartment with luxury bedroom markham
  • Minimum height of the ceiling must be 6’5’’
  • Doors must be made from sturdy, durable materials, such as wood or metal
  • Basement bathrooms need to have either a window or fan

People often tend to neglect safety standards when they consider building a bedroom in their basement. Fortunately, however, at Harmony Basements, your comfort and well-being are our top priority. Our dedication to our customers fuels our work ethic and standards so you never have to worry about a faulty basement finish.

Basement Bathroom Ideas

A basement bathroom renovation may seem simple, but there are many potential layouts to consider. Half baths, laundry rooms, and luxury ensuites are a few different layout options to consider. Of course, space you have to work with plays a substantial role in your decision. To provide some inspiration, we’ve listed some of the top basement bathroom ideas below.

Be PracticalA Touch of RelaxationGo Modern!Industrial style bathrooms

This basement bathroom design is known as the functional combined purpose layout. This design incorporates a laundry room into the bathroom space. It’s a great option to consider if you are looking to rent out your basement. Even if you are working with a small space, this is a small basement bathroom idea that allows you to pack necessities into one room.

basement bathroom interior

Looking for a place to wind down and relax on the weekends? Why not consider transforming your basement bathroom into a luxurious spa? This basement washroom idea incorporates spa elements to help you wind down and relax. You won’t have to travel far for a weekend spa trip!

Dry-sauna-toilet-basement image

A modern style is a stylish option this year. This layout works great with bathrooms. Consider adding large white tiles and using a combination of dark and white tones to make the room pop. Modernized toilets, showers, and sinks also go a long way in making this style work for your bathroom.

basement renovation bathroom image

An up and coming trend with washrooms is an industrialized look. Urban grey tiles, black walls, hinged shower doors, and marble countertops are a few design elements that work really well with this style.


Basement Kitchen Ideas

A basement kitchen is perhaps one of the most convenient additions to a newly renovated basement. Before committing to a kitchen, it is crucial to consider principal factors such as ventilation, safety, size, storage, appliances, and whether you want a dry or wet bar. Once all that is taken care of, the fun stage begins! Designing your new kitchen can be done is a variety of ways. See below for some of the top basement kitchen ideas.

Basement KitchenetteConcession Style KitchenA Kitchen for GuestsCompact-Style Kitchen

What is a kitchenette? A kitchenette is essentially a small kitchen that designers incorporate into an existing area of a basement. Some popular kitchenette ideas include building it into a family room, a theatre area, or even a guest bedroom. A kitchenette is a small basement kitchen idea that works remarkably well.

basement renovation kitchen reno image

This basement kitchen design works well when paired with an entertainment room, such as a family room or home theatre. Having to go upstairs to get snacks or a drink is a hassle. This design allows you to have all your food necessities in one place. Add a minifridge, popcorn maker, and microwave, and you’re all set for movie night!

basement-remodeling-idea-kitchen-design image

Basement kitchens don’t always have to be small. If you have space, why not make this kitchen larger than your upstairs one? A more spacious dining area for guests is always a fabulous hallmark to have, especially for those with large families. Holiday family feasts are evermore enjoyable with added space!

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If your space is limited, a compressed kitchen works marvellously. These style kitchenettes can fit into small nooks and look wondrous. Adding customized cabinets for storage and smaller appliances, give this style the full effect.


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Basement renovation is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Whether it’s to rent out space or provide additional entertainment for your household, this renovation is worth it in the long run. From kitchens to bathrooms, all the way to home theatres, Harmony Basements has the experience and tools to do it all. For expert advice and excellent craftsmanship, contact us anytime. We’ll help make your dream basement into a reality!