Why You Should Hire a RenoMark Contractor

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If you are planning to do renovations to your home, there are many reasons why you should hire a RenoMark contractor. Finding a qualified contractor to renovate and repair your home is never easy. Anyone who owns a home have heard horror stories of experiences with bad renovation contractors. From no-shows and shoddy work to long delays, overpricing, and theft, the list is endless.

While there are plenty of qualified contractors, without a proper screening process, there are just as many dishonest contracting companies leaving homeowners with overpriced jobs and poorly done work.

The RenoMark Philosophy for Contractors

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RenoMark is working on changing how homeowners find licensed contractors, however. It’s implementing strict policies to contracting professionals who sign onto the program. To join the RenoMark program, contractors must be fully licensed and certified within their province. Also, they must agree to abide by the meticulous regulations and guidelines outlined in the program. These guidelines include:

✔ Giving clients written quotes on all the work that has to be done ✔ Offering a two-year warranty on all the work✔ Each contractor must carry a minimum liability insurance of $2,000,000

The Importance of a RenoMark Contractor

Hiring a RenoMark contractor gives homeowners peace of mind but there are also numerous benefits for qualified contractors, too. The public views licensed contractors differently than non-licensed professionals. It’s a win-win for everyone!

• Improves Company Branding

Contractors who join the RenoMark program are branded as honest, legitimate home renovation professionals. Clienteles are more willing to contact RenoMark contractors because they know they are hiring a professional service that takes the work seriously.

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• Seen as Respected Professionals

Contractors are shown more respect because clients know they are a trained, certified professional. In order to have a RenoMark membership, every renovator must also be a member of their local Home Builders Association.

• Follow Strict Standards

All RenoMark renovators must agree to follow industry policies. This includes completing all work to meet industry and government code, holding liability insurance, providing written estimates, developing written legal contracts between company and client.

• Stay Up-to-Date With Industry Changes and Trends

All RenoMark renovators are kept up-to-date on all current events, safety standards, and changes within the industry. In addition, the RenoMark program offers its members ongoing training courses, information sessions, updates and regular meetings with other members. As a result, RenoMark contractors are always ahead of the renovation curve.

• Connecting Homeowners with Qualified Contractors

As a member of the RenoMark program, qualified renovators have an easier time finding clients because they are more trusted. Consumers know that renovation contractors must meet certain RenoMark qualifications in order to be a member.

Trust a RenoMark Contractor with Your Basement

It’s clear that a RenoMark membership is a great asset in a contractor’s credentials. It is testimony that a renovator is qualified, legal, and professional. So, before hiring a basement contracting company, look for their RenoMark certificate. It will only give you the assurance you need.

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