Basement Bedroom Ideas 2019


Perhaps one of the most practical uses of a finished basement is as an extra bedroom. Say your cousins are coming in from out of town and you have already offered to be their host, but you completely forgot that your house does not have enough bedding space to accommodate them during their stay. Well, this is where Harmony Basements comes into play. We are specialized in turning basements into luxury bedrooms with the help of our highly-skilled team of professionals.

Safety for Basement Bedrooms

Although turning your basement into a bedroom is a great way to make use of extra space, it is important to know the standard safety measures for a basement bedroom, especially if someone will be occupying it long term.

When renovating a basement bedroom, keep in mind the following safety regulations stated by the Ontario Building Code as well as the Ontario Fire Code:

  • A large enough egress window that functions as an exit in case of an emergency
  • Installing a smoke alarm
  • Minimum height of the ceiling must be 6’5’’
  • Doors must be made from sturdy, durable materials, such as wood or metal
  • Basement bathrooms need to have either a window or fan

People often tend to neglect safety standards when they consider building a bedroom in their basement. Fortunately, however, at Harmony Basements, your comfort and well-being are our top priority. Our dedication to our customers fuels our work ethic and standards so you never have to worry about a faulty basement finish.

Basement Bedroom Ideas

If you are planning on adding a bedroom in your basement, there is a wide variety of cool basement bedroom ideas to choose from:

    • Second-Bedroom-Basement-RenovationSize up: Say your basement is quite small and you would like to renovate it in a way that would make it look more spacious than it actually is; try adding mirrors on the walls because not only will they help to create the illusion of spaciousness, but they will also maximize your basement lighting if you find that it is a little dull. In addition, interior design experts recommend using light pastel colours to paint your basement walls because they will make it look bigger.
    • Keep it warm: A great heating system for a bedroom basement is to install radiant heating under the floor. Sub-floor heating looks chic and is energy-efficient. Additionally, it saves you from the typical hassle of a chimney which not only requires wood, but can also be a fire hazard.
    • Reinvent old furniture: If you are on a tight budget, try repurposing old furniture. It is important to save money when you can, so you may get rid of that used up mattress from one of your main bedrooms. However, if you have its bed frame and it is still in good shape, you might as well use it in your newly renovated basement bedroom and simply get a new mattress.

Have a look at our top-of-the-line transformations for more amazing basement bedroom ideas.

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