13 Basement Bathroom Ideas

Are you looking for ways to brighten up your basement space and turn it from a dull, boring room into one that you cannot get enough of? If so, you’ve come to the right place. You may be thinking of designing a family room, a man cave, a home gym, a basement apartment or an extra bedroom. The great thing about basements is that they are like a blank canvas – you design them to serve just about any purpose.

While there are many basement ideas out there, we are going to dive into the world of basement bathrooms to show you a glimpse of just how many possibilities are available to you. We’re confident that at least one of them will have your name on it.

Say goodbye to boring, outdated bathroom designs and hello to modern bathroom layout ideas that you will love

Basement Bathroom Ideas You Can Incorporate Into Yours

Basement Renovations Project by Harmony Basements

1. Modern Sleek Oval Sink

This sleek oval sink not only gives a modern feel to this bathroom but also creates a clean finish. Then incorporate some color by adding flowers around your sink. It not only gives your bathroom a fresh look, but it also brightens up the room and is a great decor piece. This type of accessory can easily be incorporated into a master bath, or half-bath and can give you a bathroom just the right amount of edge you need.

Amazing Bathroom in Basement Ideas

2.Gold Splash Dark Shaded

This modern bathroom idea is simply stunning. The dark shade in the bathroom enhances its design, and the splash of gold on either side of the oval sink adds charm and warmth to the room. The flower by the sink create a focal point and exudes style and class.

Custom Bathroom - Basement Renovations Toronto

3. Rustic White Marble

The light color in this bathroom gives it a clean and elegant feel. The pedestal sink adds an air of sophistication to the bathroom, and with the advanced wall-mounted toilet bowl and bidet, offers a heightened cleansing experience. The touch of color and the intricate design on the glass coupled with the other gold accessories in the room adds a nice touch to the design and compliments the rustic floor and marble interior wonderfully.

Amazing Basement Renovation Project Bathroom Remodeling

4. Dark Light Illumination

The series of lights in the bathroom provide perfect illumination. The white wall mounted bidet is neatly tucked away adjacent to the sink, maximizing the space and showing off the modern design. The colour on the wall and floor makes the design of the room pop and makes the colour of the sink and the toilet stand out, drawing attention to the sleek design of the bathroom.

Modern Bathroom in Custom Basement Toronto

5. Black Countertop Idea

This modern bathroom with assorted features is a stunning look. The dark countertop and walls provide a stark and alluring contrast to the white toilet and sink. The hint of colour from the flower accessories and the colourful toiletry complete the look and give the bathroom a unique and polished edge.

Basement Renovation Project Toronto

6. Gray based Gold Touch Marble

This bathroom design exudes elegance and style. The gray wall gives way to the gold touch on either side of the oval sink giving a transcendent feel to the bathroom. The colour and pattern of the black tiles on the floor and in the shower create an additional feature and draw the eyes to the impeccable design.

Amazing Bathroom Remodeling by Harmony Basement

7. Contemporary Basement Bathroom

This bathroom design provides the ultimate spa experience, incorporating features that promote comfort and relaxation. Features like the single wall-mounted handheld showerhead and the additional lighting beside the tub enhance the bathroom. The contemporary design and colour of the sink coupled with the white-bordered mirror compliment the rectangular panels/drawers beneath the sink. Not only is this design sleek, the storage space under the sink is a coveted feature.

Custom Basement Design by Harmony Basement

8. Stylish Dark and White Basement Bathroom

The stylish bathroom with an oval sink mounted on the black counter is a gem. It gives a polished look and is inviting. The dark surface and floors compliment the lighter tiles in the shower. This look can be achieved even in a small bathroom and makes great use of the space. The glass shower door and the single wall mounted showerhead provide a beautiful finish.

Basement Renovation Including Modern Bathroom

9. Dark and Light Marble with Oval Touch

The oval mirror is not only a functional piece it is a decorative feature hanging above the wall-mounted faucet and rectangular vessel bathroom sink sitting on a white countertop gives this bathroom a chic design. The wooden cabinetry beneath the sink is excellent for storage space and gives the bathroom a classic feel, and the single white pendant light is a beautiful addition to the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation by Harmony Basement

10. Symmetrical Lined Basement Bathroom

The clean symmetrical lines in this modern bathroom give it a wow factor. This, in addition to the black and white colour contrast and neutral floors and walls, give it an impeccable appearance. The large glass shower doors open up the space and the black shower door handles show off the exquisite design. The modern black faucet with an extended spout mounted on the impressive vanity beneath it adds a beautiful touch.

Custom Design of Amazing Bathroom Renovation

11. Neutral Colored Marble Design

This is such a beautiful design. The neutral colours in this bathroom make it impossible not to love. The absence of colour makes it striking and the gentle splash of neutral colour on the wall is everything. It’s proof that you don’t have to go with a bold colour for impact. Subtle colours can be just as effective. The freestanding bathtub gives the bathroom a classic look while catering to your comfort, and the wall mounted toilet completes this modern design.

Custom Bathroom by Maple Reno

12. Jaw Dropping Marble

This jaw-dropping modern design is perfect for a master bath. The marble interior coupled with the classic white sink and one/piece toilet add elegance to this bathroom. The recessed lights laminate the room exceptionally well. The standalone shower and glass exterior make the space look larger, and the hint of colour on the wall and other focal points is breathtaking.

13. Versatile Ceramic Tiles

The beauty of ceramic tiles is that they are incredibly versatile and you can simulate just about any pattern or material. The beautiful large wood tiles walls here are spectacular and set the tone for this modern bathroom. The white bathtub, sink, and vanity break up the pattern on the walls and floor, and the tub and shower combo with the glass divider and large shower head exude comfort and style.

What basement bathroom style did you like the most? Let us know! Harmony Basements will be happy to offer you a detailed quote for any project, or give you many creative basement bathroom ideas within your budget! Contact us today.